Monday, July 07, 2008

Farmer Brown

With some good rains and reasonable weather (but not today) the garden is growing well. I have it on good authority that some tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash have been harvested. Today I also saw some peppers and jalapenos ready for plucking. I go over about everyday and splash the vegetables with their daily ration of water, taken bucket by bucket from the barrels that collect the rain water run off from the apartment building next door. We are nothing but clever are we not?

I took the trusty old Easy Share over today to memorialize the progress. And so, here are some pics from the garden:

My peppers and David's tomatoes:

For some reason no peppers are ripe yet, but some are coming!

General view of the garden. Note the corn. My grandmother always said corn needed to be knee high by the 4th of July to be a good crop. Of course today's hybrid super-corn is knee high two days after it is planted. But since this is just plain ol' corn, it has managed, as did corn of yesteryear, to be knee high just in time. We got a late start since Greg did not take possession early enough to plant the early spring vegetables, thus there is a lot of empty space. Next year I think it will be full:

My squash is enormous:

And productive!:

Tonight I sauteed some string beans in a bit of olive oil and fresh basil, Thai basil and thyme from my herb garden.

I kind of like this grow your own thing!

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