Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Will The US Quake Too?

At Princess Diana's State funeral in 1997 Queen Elizabeth shocked the nation by acquiescing to public opinion and actually bowing in honor of someone of lower rank. (When Britain Quaked)It signaled that the nation and the Monarchy were leaving leaden tradition behind and facing a new more diverse and egalitarian future.

Is the US about to follow suit?

It appears likely that the US is about to have its first viable non-white candidate for President. And likely a female Vice President candidate as well.

Is the US voting population ready for this quake? Time will tell.

Eight years of right wing rule have taken its toll on the US. Bush has virtually turned the US against most of the world, flying in the face of what others think and of reality. Fear and insecurity mean our borders are virtual prison walls, keeping out everyone but illegals. Travelers avoid the US like the plague as the security apparatus asks for more and more ID and red tape. Our economy is a shambles, civil rights trampled upon, the justice system a cruel joke, and who can forget the mess that Bush made with Katrina?

Die hards will do anything to keep their power. Obama and Clinton will be bloody and beaten-up by the party goon squad by the time the election is over. The right wing controlled media will be sure to keep Rev Wright in the limelight and keep Iraq, $4 gas, Katrina, election fraud, and the faltering economy on the back burner. Many will not accept a black or a woman in power, some think things are just fine and do not want to shake things up. If Obama and Clinton take the election, it will not be an easy fight.

For me, I think we need the earthquake. We need someone from out of the blue to come in and shake the country out like an old bed sheet, to hang it out in the sun and fresh air and bring some life to it.

It is time to stop whining about Gay marriage, abortion and all that crap and take the economy by the horns, challenge the oil cartel, end the useless war in Iraq, deal with global issues as partners not bullies and give all citizens their God given rights.

I am asking a lot. I am not sure Obama is up to it. Not sure Clinton is either. I know Mc Cain is not and would keep the status quo. But I am willing, and from what I see many other citizens are as well, to take a chance.

Sometimes a little rattling of the earth is good. Besides having Bill and Hillary back will send the Republicans into a tizzy fit!

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