Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday Pancake Musings Again

Got the Aunt Jemima out again this AM and enjoyed some fat fluffy pancakes. As usual, I got to musing about the world as they disappeared.

1)It seems some Lesbians are upset and are suing a Gay and Lesbian organization for using Lesbian to refer to females with same-sex orientation. The aggrieved Lesbians are claiming they are the original Lesbians and some of them are even male. It is all so confusing....

The word Lesbian comes from the island of Lesbos off the coast of Greece. Lesbos was the home of Sappho, a Greek female poet who wrote much about love between women. The word Lesbian dates back at least to 1732 appears as an adjective in the 1890 Oxford English Dictionary and as a noun in 1925.

The litigious Lesbians are some inhabitants of Lesbos who claim they are being defamed and insulted by the use of the word. The Litigious Lesbian Leader laments that "My sister can’t say she is a Lesbian." Therefore, the Lesbos Lesbians want to gain the exclusive right to call themselves Lesbians. They claim that the "seizure" of the word Lesbian to mean more than "of the island of Lesbos" has caused them mental distress.

Will the Gay family be next? Or the Hookers? Or those with the name of Cox? Any one named Dick???

2) Spring came with a vengeance this week. Thursday night spawned some nasty storms and all sorts of warnings. It seems a couple of pretty strong tornadoes came through the middle of the night up to the north of us. The Palace was unscathed, although the winds tossed the garden furniture around a bit. The sirens and storms and such actually prompted me to turn on my TV for the first time in over a month. After the storms passed, off it went again. What a wasteland.....

3) Bush, like Boy Gov Blunt, striving to be relevant, claims his tax rebate will be the savior of the economy. Most people plan to pay bills with it, or save it...or buy gasoline. Typical Republican BS.... the Depression is upon us.

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