Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Understanding the Conservative Mind

I am finally beginning to understand the "Conservative" mind. That is I understand the new brand of Conservative such as GW, Huckabee, Boy-Gov., etc. The hypocritical, Government of the (Rich) People, by the (Rich) People and for the (Rich) People Conservative. The war-is-good-state-sanctioned-murder-is-ok-but-leave-unborn-fetuses alone-dammit kind of Conservative.

These warped, yet powerful, people have two mantras:

"Government is bad. Government is the problem".

Therefore GW, Boy-Gov and the rest just feel why bother to govern well or at all? Rules, ethics?? They are for the opposition, and watch us hold them to it.


"Taxes are bad". "Taxes are evil". "I don't want to pay for anything".

What does the good Conservative think? Give me my tax cut, don't worry about infrastructure and services. When things get real bad, just borrow the money from the grandkids.

No wonder we are fucked up.

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