Monday, May 19, 2008

Growing Pains

Since I practically scream every time I go grocery shopping due to the warp-drive powered rise in prices, I have decided to grow some vegetables. Now if I had the space to raise some chickens or ducks I'd be set. No..I'd keep them all as pets. So best to stick to vegetables.

It was the empty bread rack, used as a lawn ornament at the palace, that inspired me. We used to plant some pots of geraniums there, but since everyone hates everybody here, no one takes the responsibility. The new board, equally as ignorant as the others, vetoed my idea of a few pots of herbs. They wish to keep it blank as a symbol of their inability to get along.

My neighbor Will was keen to the idea and offered his ledge flower boxes as herb boxes. I jumped on the offer.

Thyme, chives (vichyssoise!), basil, tarragon, oregano, Thai basil and parsley are growing nicely. A few pots of mint were added for fun. Will set out a couple of tomatoes. Still looking for some rosemary, it seems to go fast.

Then Greg bought an empty lot near by and thus a neighborhood garden is taking shape. Today I staked out my claim and planted some peppers and squash. I want to get some other things, but it seems that Home Depot was running low on everything but tomatoes. Others have okra, herbs, corn, tomatoes, more peppers, zucchini, celery and stuff. Hopefully, if the thieves and rabbits don't spoil things, we should be in the bounty by fall.

I asked Greg if I could do rice, but he was not keen on me flooding the place. Guess I'll have to buy that.

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Anonymous said...

Get ready for some work, and something pleasantly distractive according to all accounts. I, too, have been shocked by how my basic carbo staples — mac&cheese, box of scalloped potatoes, and cans of soup — are getting beyond my reach.

Worse, at 46, I'm a carbon copy of my dad at this age. I remember as a kid him bitchin about the price of everything, and I grew tired of his usual refrain: "That candy bar is 20 cents. Damn son, do you think I'm made of money!" I went to Arby's tonight and stood across the counter gently complaining to the 17 year-old at the register how much everything costs. I'm sure she cared, since she really doesn't know any different.

Still, if nothing else, it's a shame.