Monday, April 21, 2008

Coupl'a Things IV

1) I treated myself to a dinner out at Culver's tonight. It is a fast food restaurant but one with a particularly wonderful fish sandwich. YUM! Something a little different from the usual fare, and I was not in the mood to fix any dinner.

So here I am waiting for them to bring it to me and a lady and two kids show up to sit behind me. Oh joy. One kid is a girl about 6 and the other a toddler boy. Of course as soon as my dinner shows up, the boy begins to whine, bang on the back of the booth and become a nuisance. Mom finally corrals the little buck in a chair which clearly is not in his plans. When their food arrives, he wants a french fry but mom is saying he has to have a bite of the sandwich first.


He screams enough to stop everyone from talking.

Mom coos "eat a bit of your, then a fry." Sister is happy yapping and eating away while mom focuses on her baby bro.


et. al.

I get up and move. Mom looks at me as if I am being rude. I take what is left of my dinner and eat it in the car. At least no kids there.

It hit me as I sat in the safe cocoon of my auto, this must be a Kansas suburb mom from Cupcake land (we were right in the neighborhood) and this is how spoiled, demanding, selfish Republicans are made. Right from childhood. It has to be so.

2) A piece in the KC Star today had the Mo DOT flunkies whining about not enough inmates to do trash pick up on highways. WTF?!

Our "injustice system" and "persecutors" love to mete out jail time for just about everything anymore. The number of non-violent inmates has skyrocketed. These people would probably love the opportunity to get out and do something productive.

I think there is a different reason:

1) too many of the new inmates are Republican wrong do-ers and of course would not dream of having to do menial work. It is probably in their contracts they get from the administration in exchange for serving time.

2) Boy-Gov and his crooks have a stake in the "private contractors" who do some of the pick up.

Meanwhile, I am writing my state Rep and Senator to complain.

3) I have started going to a new church. I have been a disgruntled member of my old church for a while now and decided to take the plunge. My old church, which I have not totally abandoned, has just slid down the path to mediocrity and irrelevance.

When one slides into negativity, complaining about everything and generally dreading doing something, it is time to make a change. Life is too short. So I have found a new place. I know some people there, the minister is great, concise, good speaker and keeps the service going forward. One of my complaints about my old church was that the services drug on and on and on and on. Slow, boring, repetitive. And what law says we have to sing every damn verse of a hymn, all the time. Services were getting to be an hour and a half long. I remember my old training mantra, the mind can absorb only what the butt can endure.

Well, my well padded ass endureth little.

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Anonymous said...

I'm more than willing to get up and move away from anyone, especially kids. One of the strangest social phenomena I know is when I'm sitting alone in a restaurant, why does the next person who walks in choose to sit next to my table? Waitresses will look at a near empty set of tables, and then walk you right next to the woman with the goddamn wheezing goiter talking on the phone. (I can never tell if she's talking or if the goiter is holding court.) Public, one-sided phone conversations are a death penalty offense in my book.

I justify moving by how much I'm paying for the food. If I don't have to tolerate your kid, I won't. With today's prices, I also have no compunction about sending food back if it's cold, brittle, overcooked, etc. I pull out my pocket chess set and wait if they want to stall me. And at the counter, IF the manager/cashier asks if 'everything was all right,' I tell them no and ask directly for a discount or a coupon. This sounds petty, but when a fast food value meal costs $6 in my little town, then it should be perfect, meaning the teenager doesn't need to salt the fries until the shaker is empty.

On church, I'm wondering how long it will be before the whole enterprise becomes too expensive to maintain, among the cost of building maintenance, utilities, salaries, supplies, etc.?

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