Sunday, March 09, 2008

HM, Puggles Queen of Pugs is NOT Amused

HM is threatening to move the Pug Capitol from Puggingham Palace and look for a new palatial estate in which to establish her seat of power. The current one has displeased her greatly.

On Friday, she was disturbed by the Roto Rooter man. The Palace was undergoing some maintenance and the Roto Rooter had to get in to the throne room kitchen to access a drain. HM was certainly on guard as the man and his noisy machine was perilously close to HM's supply of precious Purina. When he disturbed the Royal Dining area and upset the crown encrusted water bowl, thus spilling its contents, HM was more than not amused. The barks..I mean words... from her mouth were most stern and unpleasant.

HM was soothed, the evil Roto Rooter was displaced, the nice man paid homage to HM, new water was placed in the bowl, the Purina supply, although threatened, was found to be intact and peace reigned.

Until Saturday. Then two, count them, two invasions from the Most High Evil Vacuum cleaner ruffled HM's fawnny fur. That was the final straw.

If one sees a pug with a sack on a stick carrying a bowl, a bone and a 1/2 full 20lb bag of Purina 1, please send back to Puggingham Palace, Kansas City,MO. C/O the Royal Staff.

Thank you.

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Jon said...

I hope HM has recovered.