Sunday, March 02, 2008

Child-Like Behavior

Sometimes, even as I pass the half century mark, little child-like things can bring a moment of joy and peace.

One such event is the opening of a swallow-wort pod and letting the seeds float to their destiny on their silky parachutes. You have all done it once or maybe twice. The woody vines, wrapped around a tree or bush, leave their long brown pods long after the vegetation dies. Eventually they pop open and hundreds of little black seeds, each on a silky strand, propagate the species anew, giving us kids hope for the future.

Puggles and I pass a vine like this most days when we walk. Today was warm and windy, thus to our enduring joy 3 pods were released, joining the leaves and accumulated urban flotsam and jetsam in the stiff southerly wind.

Simple, satisfying, child-like. So much fun. These were the last ones, I guess I can only wait until fall.

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