Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Big Plane Over Illinois

Flightaware.com is an online service that allows you to graphically track commercial and private aircraft. It can be fun to watch your loved ones (or not so loved ones) plane inch closer to its destination, thus preparing you for their arrival.

It seems that a Cessna Citation X aircraft registered to Cessna drew a huge Cessna corporate logo spanned four states during a 4.5 hour flight. Wait! Or is it a Flightaware logo? it looks like the little logo that identifies flightaware.com on your address line or list of favorites on line. Was it a marketing stunt, done for a few aviation buffs who even look at Flightaware? Did they get copies blown up and mounted? Was it an accident? A hoax?

What is apparent is that the plane left Wichita, traveled across Missouri and when over Illinois commenced a flight plan that left a track resembling the Cessna logo over Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Indiana before returning to Wichita.

Maybe the pilots had some time on their hands, maybe they were bored, or more likely were out on a proving flight and were just having some fun. Nonetheless, it is a neat image!

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