Monday, February 04, 2008

Sorry, No Alexandre Pato News Here

I was thrilled at the sudden increase in readership of my little blog. Average had risen to over 20 a day. I know in most "professional" blogs and the highly popular ones with photos and lots of nonsense, 20 an hour is more like it, but I was satisfied.

The "site meter" service I use tracks each individual visit as to where they are from, their internet service and length of visit, and from where they accessed the blog, ie if they searched for it, got a link in an email or found it searching on a topic. I had noticed a lot of visits from Europe, especially Italy finding my little world by searching for "Pato News". Could it be my fame was spreading throughout the old world? Had they seen my modest work as something of value? Frankly, I was a little concerned, I did not want any fame or notoriety.

I can rest. Seems that there is a new Pato in the pond. I have, through some diligent research, found that the users are looking for news about Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva, a Brazilian soccer player now playing for Milan Italy. Born in the Brazilian city of Pato Branco, Brazil in 1989, he is better known as "Alexandre Pato". He is one of the youngest soccer stars to hit that world since his countryman Pele in the late 50's. He was 17 when he played in the last World Cup and became the youngest man to score a goal in the World Cup.

So instead of wanting to hear about life at the palace, Republican nonsense, concerts and my rants, they want to see what their latest soccer star is up to.

I am somewhat relieved; I seek not fame at all. I guess there is room for more than one Pato in the pond.

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