Monday, February 25, 2008

Pato: One Year Older

At about 1AM, 51 years ago, Pato came quacking in to the world in lovely (?) Decatur, Il. I know several people born on this day, one a lady I had worked with for years. We called each other and sang Happy Birthday to each other every year. We were twins in someways, we both liked the same things and had similar cynical outlook on life.

I do not share my birthday with a lot of interesting people, but some are fellow Feb 25th-ians. George Harrison (Beatle), Jim Backus (Mr Magoo, Thurston Howell, III), Enrico Caruso (tenor), Pierre Renoir (Painter) and Sally Jesse Raphael (annoying TV lady). History has been less kind, Elizabeth I was excommunicated, Communists took over Czechoslovakia, and Violeta Chamorro became President of Nicaragua. Feb 25th is the National Holiday in Kuwait, being the day the Iraqis were driven out back in 1990.

I do not feel 51.. most of the time. So far my main activity has been to go to my optometrist to get my eyes examined (they are still a mess) and get new frames (a needed improvement). I do have more aches and pains than I used to have, and a nice quiet evening at home is more desirable than a rowdy night of bar hopping anymore.

Anyway, here's to February 25, a fun day in my little pond, no matter what else transpired.


Unknown said...

Hey Don, Just came by to wish you a Happy Birthday. We Pisces, 2-25s are special folks. I noticed you like Mahler. My favorite all-time symphony is Mahler 2. The 2nd and especially the 5th movements always give me chills. Literally, Since I was 15 when I first discovered it. I appreciate you visiting the Cafe. I wish you a great day. For me it will be fried catfish. haha I turned 49 today so you and I are purdy near twins. Well, take care and enjoy our day.


Don said...

Hope your catfish was good, I love good fried catfish...lots of raw onion with it... YUM!

Mahler is always fun, I prefer the non choral 5th and 6th to most. The unfinished 10th would have been his most sublime composition. Luckily, it was left mostly complete so others have edited and fleshed it out.

Went to a fun event last night "Night of Song" an open mic "Opera Cabaret" at a night club. Really fun.

Keep up the good work at the "Cafe"


Anonymous said...

Forgot to say Happy 51, Don!

My theory is that people age in spurts. So one day you'll wake up and chronologically be 64, but feel 91. Unless you start with the HGH. But then your head would grow and you'd need yet another pair of goggles. (It's okay, everything's a blur to me, too.)

Anyhoo, I've enjoyed this blog since it started and I hope you'll keep it going and going. It's been a lifeline of sanity in a sea of Orwellian nightmares this decade!