Friday, February 22, 2008

I am in a Foul Mood

So I am going to rant:

1) If I read the paper correctly today, the Kansas City Public Schools were given a snow day today. However, it is not snowing. It was because the roads were slick from the snow Wednesday night to Thursday AM. The roads were slick because they were not plowed. They were not plowed as the city is crying they are poor. They are poor because no one wants to live in this screwed up berg. Why? Because the school system sucks. The school system sucks because no one wants to live here. Thus the tax base dwindles, those with money live in Johnson County (where the streets are clear) and the cycle goes on.

2) I broke my damn glasses and I guess have lost or trashed any spare I might have. It is a pain going around blind. I have my glasses, but to use them I have to put a big ass rubber band around them. Look the geek from hell. My optometrist is sick and can't get to me to Monday. So here I fumble around, banging into things, getting into people's faces so I can see who they are and generally being disoriented. I can see the big things, the devil, as usual, is in the details.

3) So John Mc Cain having an affair with a lobbyist is not a big deal, but Bill Clinton got impeached over it. What hypocrisy.

4) The US shot down a wayward satellite this week. The man at the controls of the intercept missile was from Raytown, MO. Raytown gets a bad rap from everyone (think "Mama's Family" the old TV show, it was set in Raytown) due to its lower middle class status. Somehow it is fitting that a Raytowner would be a good shot, probably not much else one can be good at from Raytown. Or Kansas City for that matter.

5) I am going to see and hear Joel Osteen this evening with my friend Greg. I am not really that thrilled about it. Greg had an extra ticket and thus I am riding along. More for curiosity than anything else. I guess a lot of people are paying big bucks to hear him preach his gospel of feel good and prosperity. Wonder when he'll crash and head to Branson like Jim Bakker and the rest of them.

I promise I'll be in a better mood when I can see again.

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Anonymous said...

Wow you are in a foul mood but I couldn't help but find myself laughing at what you posted. Should see the headline on

Here ya go this is what it said..

Missouri House Speaker Wants To Trade Lazy Missourians For Mexican Citizens