Friday, February 08, 2008

Guns Guns Guns and More Guns

Well, the gun lovers are happy again. A crazy gunman went off in suburban St Louis, shooting everyone he disagreed with. Just so easy in this fucked up country to go and buy a gun and take things into your own hands. Oh of course, if everyone had a gun none of this would happen. Or else we'd have a good old fashioned shoot out on Main Street. John Wayne, here we come!

Here in KC, the front page was covered with: "Man Shot to Death in Grandview", "Two Shot in Separate Incidents"... it goes on.

Then the alleged gunman in St Louis' brother said it was justified because he was black and didn't get a fair shake in from the city and the courts.

Now it is fashionable to blame everyone else.

USA, you are sinking fast.

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Anonymous said...

I have the same attitude toward guns that Jim Rockford had — when you have a gun around, you're more likely to use it (and then land in jail).

I'd much rather spend money on something else, like a opera ticket or new chess set.