Friday, January 18, 2008


It is 12 degrees outside right now, arctic air has invaded us for a few days. Everything outside creaks and groans in the cold, metal seems brittle, glass seems a touch more fragile. The snow from earlier in the week lingers on, no heat to melt it, even the sun can't put a dent in it. I am sure I will see the flock of doves huddled by the building in the AM. Puggles goes outside and looks at me as if to say "you have to be kidding???!!!!"; potty breaks are quick. Breath freezes, hands get numb, the tears of your eyes freeze. Good time to set a nice bottle of vodka outside, in no time it will be cold enough make a great martini.

Bruce and I were going to see a movie tonight, but decided it was too damn cold. Staying in with a nice glass of wine, some wonderful music (Roger Sessions Symphony # 2, just got it in the mail today from ArchivMusic), Pug settled on her throne. All is well in the warm Palace.

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