Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday Pancake Musings

Yes, the pancakes are back... only 2 and smaller (still made with Aunt Jemima Complete, the best I have found) and with sugar free syrup. But with a small dab of real butter (local made organic) dammit!

1) Is it not amazing... the most trivial person in the world, Paris Hilton (when I used to get Spam email offering the Paris Hilton sex tape, I thought it was an orgy at a hotel in France....maybe it was)in a most trivial legal case could start a legal battle with national implications, setting out the bounds of the authority of the judge and the corrections/jail system.

She even usurped the news that homophobe Peter Pace, who has overseen the disaster in Iraq was replaced. Live coverage of the Second Coming would be interrupted to cover Paris' first breakfast in jail.

2) Speaking of Iraq, I saw an article that argued that Bush's legacy may be better than we think, as he will be remembered for tackling terrorism.

That is if he wins. And the battle is going badly. I think few civilized people would not agree that terrorism is a major menace in the world today. My main argument with Bushie is that he is going about it the wrong way. You can't fight this menace like you fought Hitler. This is centuries of animosity, this is a mega clash of culture and belief systems. Worse, the problem is more like a Jerry Springer Show battle between a huge dysfunctional, fractured family of Jews, Christians and Moslems, all believing their way is right. We need Dr Phil more than we need more bombs and soldiers.

3) The Kansas City Star's persnickety music critic liked the performance last night. I am going tonight, look for my review likely tomorrow. KCS Bartok and Brahms

Pancakes were YUMMY!

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