Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pato Update

Pato is preparing a major policy rant, I have not had one for a long time. This one is taking shape slowly, but will be up soon. Stay tuned.

I have been busy and the Towers nuts as usual. Complicating matters is that I am constantly tired, must be the medications or something. Not sure what that is all about. I thought you were supposed to get tired when, as a diabetic, you got hypoglycemic or low blood glucose. I get tired when I am normal. Who knows.

Anyway, some shameless self advertising here are some links to some Ebay items I am selling for a friend in Texas. He does nice leather work but has no internet access. So I am willing to help.




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Anonymous said...

It's the busy season. I checked out (of the internet) for three weeks to finish an extensive word processor review to be published this month on And I'm also working overtime to reel in one-little-problem-after-another, such as a dead hot water heater — can't afford to replace, so I bought parts and will fix the thing myself.

On top of all that, I'm committed to learning the Linux operating system (Fedora 7 for me, not Ubuntu like everyone else these days). It's not a complete switch, since I primarily use my Windows machine. But it will be great for various background tasks. If software and driver support continue to improve as they've done in the past two years, then maybe by 2009, I can make the move and save money not buying more Microsoft products.
Be sure to tell all your Latino and Black friends and anyone who's not white to register as a republican, and then vote Democrat in the general election. That way, the repubs wouldn't dare throw their own voters off the rolls as they've done in the past two national elections!