Friday, May 04, 2007

The Injustice Files: Police State

The US Police State continues. Be afraid, people, soon we will all be criminals, except for the rich few:

A California man who prosecutors said got a little too friendly with his girlfriend during a flight was convicted Thursday of interfering with flight attendants and crew members.

The man will probably serve jail time for the federal felony conviction. His defense said he will appeal. Charges against his girlfriend were dropped, likely because the poor girl was abused or somehow mistreated.

Be scared people, be scared!

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, last week repub presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor Huckabee's 19-year old son was arrested at the Little Rock airport trying to carry on a loaded gun and an extra clip full of 18 bullets each (18!) onto a plane.

No word and no news stories on corporate news about this event. We still need bodies for Iraq. Huckabee supports Bush's war. Why isn't his son in Iraq? Or at least in Guantanamo right now? If you tried the same stunt, YOU would be!