Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Nicaragua Trip, a Summary

We had a successful trip to Nicaragua with the 2007 UMKC Dental Delegation. As usual, Dan and Cesar have documented it well. Check out the UMKC Dental Delegation link on their website.

Lots of patients seen, some pain relieved, contacts made, and more important, the Generation Y students saw how most of the world lives. No iPods, no internet, no fancy new cars, no Big Macs and no health care. The Generation of privilege and me first came face to face with reality. It did them good.

Thus exposed to the world, some came home appreciating the things they have. Some came home wanting more. But most came home to Gringolandia, where the dogma of "Me First" and "Success at Any Cost" enslaves us to lousy jobs and companies that treat humans as disposable liabilities, with their eyes opened and hearts melted. I think of this group, some will come back. Despite the beans and rice, the bugs, the dirt, the heat, the hard work. There are still teeth to fix, frisbees to be thrown, Victoria will brew some more beer to drink (they drank most of it), and kids to delight with our antics.

Next year looks good.

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