Friday, April 27, 2007

The Joy of Blogging

I am surprised I am a blogger, I usually do not go in for the latest fads and such. But as a long time journal keeper, I enjoy the discipline of making regular if not daily entries in the blog. Keeps me off the streets.

They say that the blogging phenomenon is at its peak and that interest will begin to fall shortly. I assume some casual bloggers will fall by the wayside, I may do so as well. But for the foreseeable future, I will continue to litter the Net with my ramblings.

It does amaze me that anyone reads this stuff I put out. I have a few loyal followers, some new come, some old go. Some I know, some I do not have a clue who they are, maybe they just like what I write or maybe are online friends from Pug Village and such. Whatever or wherever, I do bid you welcome!

For some reason, Pato News has reached the top of a lot of blog listings when you Google search for blogs and even general information. Sometimes, I am sure, they are disappointed with the content.

Recently, for example, I had a flurry of hits looking for information on Nereus the baby walrus. I posted about that a while back. Most of my posts revolved around Puggles' toy walrus named Nereus and not the real one featured on Animal Planet. I figure they must have shown the episode again and people are looking for updates. All they get from me is a pic of Puggles and her toy.

I do think PN fills a need here in Kansas City, one of the reasons I continue. We have one newspaper and really not much else in competition. Only one person does reviews of classical music concerts for the KC Star. So, since I do not believe in monopoly, I give him some very minor competition. I can't get to all the concerts he gets to, so I mainly give him a run for his money at the Symphony, Lyric opera and some of the special concerts I get to attend. I think some of the players in the Symphony are on to me, since PN gets a lot of hits searching for "Kansas City Symphony" immediately after a concert. I am sure it is not the brass section, as I am always bitching about them. I know the Maestro reads me. So have some other famous artists.

So, for those sticking around, here is a preview of some upcoming PN entries:

"Ligeti Piano Music"
"Christine Brewer: Britten War Requiem"
"KC Symphony: Emmanuel Pahud, Flute Virtuoso"
"KC Symphony: Brahms' Piano Concerto No. 2 featuring world-renowned soloist Marc-André Hamelin and the Bartok Concerto for Orchestra"
A Series on "Injustice Files", exposing the corrupt and harsh legal system here in the US
More "Republican Antics"
"Tales from the Towers", how pseudo-rich people manage to survive in mock elegance.

So, loyal readers, all 3 of you, (you still here Callalily??) you are stuck with me for a while.


Anonymous said...

Don, I'll speak for those who don't comment and say we're glad to hear you're not going anywhere! I love this blog for the vacuum it fills, and not just in the expansive Kansas City metro. Behind every blog is a person, not a journalist, and that's a good thing.

Since the 80s, liberals' voices were lost on radio, in business, certainly in politics from 1994-Jan. 2007, and on TV to this day — both CNN and Fox are full-tilt conservative news all the time. MSNBC is conservative only 90% of the time! (gasp) But it's been the power of blogging that has filled a need. And while blogs have topped out at 15 million over the globe, the difference is writers like yourself who commit to them. For example, millions of blogs are started each year, but 99% of them are abandoned within a year, much like that person who keeps promising himself to finish his novel.

One thing I'm surpised about is how few people comment on blogs (with the exception of a few high-traffic political blogs). Several of the smartest and most prolific tech writers I know — two of whom work for IBM — might get one blog comment a month if that.

Perhaps the difference is that unlike many writers, you can sustain a narrative across a diverse set of topics on Pato News. My little tech blog is just my opinions on 'one' subject. I'd rather come here and go elsewhere to respond to other topics which someone like you has far more experience.

Glenn Greenwald notes how things in the political narrative have changed and are changing, thanks to blogs:

I no longer even read the NY Times or Washington Post, as they, too, have gone fulltime batshit conservative. You knew the Iraq war was a joke from the start, but what did they do? Cheerleading, lied, categorized and ostracized anyone who disagreed. If not, they just ignored the hundreds of thousands who marched to protest the war in 2002-03. Those people didn't make the nightly news, but people like Judith Miller sure did.

So keep blogging on anything and everything. Even on topics that do not interest me, I still read because your writing ability alone makes it interesting to read.
See how I get carried away here? Oy. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you have truly told