Sunday, March 18, 2007


Not to sound all pathetic and such... but it is lonely here. I hate this time, it happens once a year, maybe twice and it just rips me to shreds.

I am leaving for Nicaragua Monday AM early,way before the chickens get up. Unfortunately, that meant that Her Glorious Majesty Puggles, QOP, SRA, ETC., had to leave for the Eastern Palace on Saturday. Also known as Jackson County Animal Hospital, they have been her vet and boarder forever. Not the most luxurious of accommodations, but clean, inexpensive and secure. Besides, she is loved there and she seems happy. She'll get her shots and check up while there, get a manicure and a bath. Sort of a Pug-med vacation.

But the hours spent here with no Pug to follow me around, to bark at me when I eat, wanting to go out and snuggling next to me at night are hellish. I go in to the living room, expecting her on her throne and it is empty. The throne got a good cleaning and vacuuming and her walruses stand ready to greet her upon return.

Amazing how dogs get in to your soul, become so indispensable to the fabric of our lives. Puggles took over my life for sure, made it her own. Dogs are just so much more comforting and loyal than humans. Sure they may shed and pee on your rug, but they never stab you in the back. That means a lot.

See you in a couple weeks sweetie. Have fun!

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