Monday, February 12, 2007

Worry Over Nothing

I never cease to be amazed at the silliness of the "American Public". It seems more people are more concerned with a love sick astronaut, Brittney Spears' latest fashion disaster or that crazy drug addict Anna Nicole Smith than what is happening in the halls of power. Smith's death was tragic yes, but continuous coverage on all the news stations?? Not worth it.

No wonder the average citizen believed Iraq was somehow connected to 9/11 or that global warming is something that activist judges or gay perverts are selling them to destroy their families. At the same time, while crying over Anna, they overlook the scandalous information coming out of the Liddy trial. The newspaper columnist Robert Novak testified today that two high officials in the Bush administration told him the identity of the CIA agent, which I thought was a pretty serous crime.

Novak testified former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armatage and the White House political bulldog Karl Rove (ie Bush's brain) told him the identity of the agent. Novak testified that he ".. got no help or no confirmation from Mr. Libby on that issue.” So Liddy is a scapegoat for treason by two high officials??

Wake up people, this county's reputation and its future is being ruined by criminals while you worry over idiots and if queers are going to get married.

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Anonymous said...

If the corporate media only covered a soldier's death (3 died the same hour as Anna Nicole did that day) with as much intensity as one drug-addled D-list woman's death! If so, then maybe we wouldn't still be in this endless war.

Every Dem was on TV talking about some silly resolution while every repub was on the same TV mindlessly screaming "I support the trupes!" in answer to every question posed to them. Rent and watch the beginning of the movie "Idiocracy." It describes how humans devolved into complete idiots in no time this century.

I'd give anything if I could wake up and it be February 2009. I don't think I have the stomach for the '08 campaign. I've written Hillary three letters of advice and to remind her to be honest with us and whatever she does, DON'T TALK LIKE A GODDAMNED POLITICIAN. We're all mad as hell and if she's not going to lead, then get the hell out of the way! (Same goes for any other Democrat who kowtows to the repubs and their media.)