Saturday, February 24, 2007

Weather Forecast

The wags here in Missouri are fond of saying "if you don't like the weather now, stick around a day or two, it'll change." It is true.

On February 12 and 13 we had a few inches of snow and some freezing rain. Same thing the following weekend 16-17. Before that we had several days of temps in the single digits. Sunday the 18th the low was 11 and the high reached 51. The 19-23 saw highs of 58, 56, 64, 54 and 62 yesterday Friday Feb 23rd. At 2;30 this AM we were treated to booming thunder and flashing lightning. Our first thunderstorm of the year. Supposed to be rainy (so far true) and 56 degrees this PM. Tomorrow is a chance of snow and 36 as a high. But 60 will be back soon, likely Wednesday.

The heavy snow we received in Jan and February made our snow removal man rich and gave the Towers management a headache, but it has alleviated the drought that had plagued the area for a while. So farmers, foresters, hydrologists and water skiers join our snow removal people in the happy parade.

The thunderstorm this AM was great. I woke up and watched the show, logged on the net and followed it on radar and generally had as good a time as possible at 3AM, alone that is. It has washed the dirty snow and gunk away from the streets and walks. Everything is fresher now, washed and a newly bathed baby. But like the baby, we'll need a bath soon after our forcast snowy day. The rains will be back Wednesday, stick around.

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