Saturday, February 17, 2007

Eric Volz and sham Justice in Nicaragua

I rarely post twice in one day but this is special, and devastatingly sad.

I once loved a country, a poor one in Central America. I went there for the first time in 1999 and just realized I was somewhere special, somewhere I belonged. I would have had even stronger ties there, but a series of events ended that dream. I may be thankful now.

Those of you who know me know I am referring to Nicaragua. But a tragic event has put a chill in the relationship. The love affair has ended, it seems to be mutual. I could see it coming, yet I hoped for the best.

Read this Friends of Eric Volz

And this Guilty Verdict

Sadly, Nicaragua has become a politicized, dangerous place. She is now governed by Daniel Ortega, the hypocrite who manipulated the election and entered into a pact with the imprisoned (sort of) former leader, Arnoldo Aleman, to gain his power again after being in the wilderness of the opposition for years. He longs to rule along side his buddy Hugo Chavez of Venezuela as a "people's leader", throwing a a few crumbs at them while gaining power and establishing a dictatorship. He has politicized the country.

God forbid something like what happened to Eric occurred in the US. The poor Nicaraguan would be a victim of discrimination and would be set free. If a sham trial for a Hispanic would happen here, the hue and cry would be deafening. But for a gringo in Nicaragua it is different. Eric was not exploiting people, he was publishing a magazine. He happened to date this Nicaraguan lady, who was sadly and brutally murdered. He is a victim, a political prisoner. Reports from the trial indicate that the evidence was not even considered.

I was there on November 21, 2006 when the murder occurred. Eric was not in town I was told. He has evidence he was in Managua. Ortega and his cronies are stirring resentment among the people to bolster their power. They want blood. They are not getting mine.

I am leaving for Nicaragua in almost exactly a month. It is very likely my last time. I do not want to go to lovely San Juan del Sur where I have friends, both Nica and Gringo. It is a scary place. I do not believe in staying where I am not welcome. I am afraid, and maybe to blame, as I am one of the gringos who invaded.

Check out Eric's website, write your congressman, write the Nicaraguan embassy.

Pray for justice.

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