Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday Pancake Musings

Well, I decided not to give up pancakes...yet. I have not been able to snag a new appointment to get my BP and blood sugar checked. So Ignorance is bliss and I am having my Saturday pancakes this weekend.

1) The "Injustice System" rolls on. A man was convicted of killing a member of the KC Symphony and gets 25 years. But in St Louis, a man gets 30 years for sexual exploitation of a minor. Kid is messed up for sure, but not dead. In Texas, 2 men got 15 years for the murder and beating of a gay man and are soon to be released. Since they were citizens of Mexico, they are also scheduled to be released. But immigrant groups are fighting their deportations.

I don't get it. Sex is worse than murder and a musician is worth more than a gay man??

2) A lively discussion has begun over at PugVillage on the topic of eating shrimp tails. I admitted my love of eating the whole shrimp, tail, shell and all. It is less wasteful for one thing, and less time consuming. I enjoy the crunchiness as well. Any other shrimp tail eaters here??

3) I want to spend some time at this beach. The famous (among airplane spotters) Mahalo Beach just at the end of the runway to Princess Juliana Airport in St Maarten. Reach out and touch someone indeed! Air France Landing.

4) My friend Barb called yesterday and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her to see the Smothers Brothers. I thought one of them had died; but no, both are still up and kicking. They perform all over the country, doing a lot of casino shows. We are seeing them in Topeka, since their appearance in KC is at a casino and both Barb and I hate casinos. I fondly remember them from the 60s and even vaguely remember the battle they had with CBS over censorship of their show. Wikipedia has a great review of this controversy. CBS fired them, they became heros and obviously have done quite well. Show is March 4th.

5) I have not taken my Christmas tree down yet. I guess it is about time. I am more lazy than anything else about it.

6) Pancakes were extra good today!

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