Monday, January 22, 2007

Fun with Spam

My sense of humor is very warped. So as I find these lines belly laugh funny, you may not.

Like many of us, I get a ton of spam emails. Lucky, my main email account sends them all to the spam ward. Occasionally I view them to see if a legit email got caught in the spam catcher. Always they provide a bit of amusement. Who said spam mail is useless?

There is a proliferation of emails with normal sounding names but strange message titles. Usually selling erection pills or some sort of get-rich-quick scheme. I send them all to East Spam Hell (Much worse than West Spam Hell) after getting a chuckle or two. Here is a recent sample, see if we have the same warped sense of humor.

Lottie Vance sent me an email titled "He Mistress a Sag"
Enid Norman wrote to tell me "He execrable it cygnus" (hate when that happens)
Sabrina Padilla wants me to know "as thompson my maddox"
Corina Glenn tells me "It be quota" (no doubt there)
pledge plugin, Someone with a flair for alliterations writes: "muziek, myblogs mydomains myths... Pakistan palm pandora panorama papers"( I picture kids jumping rope)
And this is just today.

I am not so clever to think of these little names and such. I think it must be someway to try to beat the various firewalls and filters and such. Mine catch them and throw them out... but not until I have a little laugh at their expense.

Damn, I hate it when my mistress is a sag....

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Anonymous said...

My mom didn't even have her new email account for a hour when she started receiving offers to increase her penis size!