Monday, January 15, 2007

Boy-Gov Is Still At It

It has been a long time since this blog has ragged on Missouri's pathetic excuse of a Governor, Mattie "daddy's boy" Blunt. But that is not to assume there has not been fodder for ragging. Blunt continues to be one of the most unpopular governors in the country, with 60% of the electorate rating him as poor. But some political wags are surprised at this.

Well, Pato has the answer for them, Boy-gov is not popular because he is doing a horrible job. His agenda is not his constituent's agenda, it is 100% pro-business, pro-whatever Repub agenda is, and the same damn the torpedoes approach that Bush has used to destroy America's reputation.

Blunt has saved money for the state but instead of cutting waste, he cut programs that hurt people. Gutting Medicaid, forcing more people into going to Emergency rooms or nursing homes because home care is not available, I question whether he is actually saving taxpayer dollars, especially in the Medicaid area. Patients, denied Medicaid, started using hospital emergency departments at a greater cost to the state. By slashing so deep, Missosuri also missed out on Federal matching funds for Medicaid. And you know the Gov and family never missed a Doctor appointment.

Blunt and his Republican clones are happy to dispense with their responsibilities as tax payers and spend our money instead. They are all for cutting taxes, their taxes. That is why their tax cuts are always higher while middle and low wage earners are left to pick up the tab.

Patronage jobs and cronyism are at an all time high in a state system that for years was the model of a merit system. Anyone care that we are paying the salaries of his friends while they do nothing? Morale for state employees is at an all time low. Efficiency in state government has been replaced with favors and back slapping for those who bow to the boss.

He even has the balls to entertain delusions of grandeur about being ultra-right wing Mitt Romney's VP candidate. I'd definitely move out of this sinking ship of country then.

Brazenly defying law, appointing cronies, pushing his own agenda despite lack of support from the people (they just get in the way, anyway), being totally stupid... that is the way to be popular, with your clique of Republican fat cats.

The rest of us can't wait to wave bye-bye!

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