Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saturday Pancake Musings: New Year's Weekend

Well, as far as I know, I just had my last pancakes for the year. Maybe for a while too. My Dr. says I have high blood pressure and blood sugar. Unfortunately, the sore shoulder that I went to him for still hurts. I guess I have to go back and fight all over again. He was more worried about the blood stuff, I am tired of my sore shoulder. It is my body, I know what I need!

On to Pancake Musings:

1) Saddam was hung yesterday eve our time, early morning Iraq time. While I abhor his brutality, I am 1000% against State sanctioned murder, as the death penalty is. Would it not be just to have him rot away, broken and remembering all his misdeeds? Why make a martyr of him? But this was a decision for the Iraqis and I guess most are pleased.

2) I guess I will not be seeing Yo-Yo Ma when he comes to town. Tix are gone, not even the Maestro can save me. Oh well. Seeming like it is sour grapes, his programs (Haydn Cello Concerto and Strauss Don Quixote) were not real adventurous and thus not all that earth shattering. I wanted to hear the Shostakovich 9th more than Ma.

3) I got a blog visitor from "". Turns out it was a referral from my friend Jon's website Jon's Jail Journal. He is, as you might assume, a "guest" of the Arizona Department of Corrections. His blog makes wonderful reading. I guess some bureaucrat in Phoenix has nothing better to do than check out his blog and the links to friends. Something sinister about all this actually.

4) Been in a real lousy mood and am tired. Maybe it is the blood stuff noted above.

5) One thing that makes 2007 a Happy New Year is that it is that much closer to getting Bush out of the White House.

So for the year, Pato signing off. See you all next week. Happy Happy!~ Pato

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