Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Managua Nicaragua

I was a bit disappointed today. I thought we were going to Managua, but due to some issues with a project they are working on, Dan and Cesar are not going until tomorrow.

Everyone here thinks I am nuts. I like Managua. Crazy, sprawling, wild, dirty, noisy, vibrant, active, musical, historic, frustrating, it has a charm and viva. That is unlike San Juan del Sur which is for the most part and despite the efforts of the invading gringos ricos still a small town. I feel claustrophobic here after a few days.

Everyone here knows everyone, but me of course. The gringos talk of investments and land and houses. Some don't speak to others due to long held grudges real or imagined. Most here at Pelican Eyes rarely descend down the hill to the village. There is dirt down there...there is life too.

This is the down side to this place. I thought I wanted to live here, but not so sure now. I hate to think I have descended to the "let's go watch the sunset crowd."

Now if a place in Managua would open up......

Interesting fact about Managua. Few of the streets have names in a city of almost 2 million. The vast majority of the place was never rebuilt after the earthquake and civil war of the 70s and 80s. Anything that was built was haphazard and without any plan. So, you give directions to a place using a system of directions and landmarks.

Arriba is up or east, as in the sun up in the east.
Al Lago is towards the lake or to the north
Abajo is down or to the west, as the sun setting
a las montagnes is south or towards the mountains of Masaya and Mombacho

So my friend Grant's address is Telcor Monsignor Lescano (the Mgr Lescano District post office)una quadra arriba (one block east) and media quadro al lago (1/2 block north.)

Gotta love it....

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