Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Inmate No. 27593-112

The Us Bureau of Prisons got a new inmate today. Jack Abramoff, inmate No. 27593-112 began serving his 6 year sentence in a relatively cushy, as far as prisons go, center in Maryland. He sent the following email to his friends, likely his last for a while:

"Unfortunately, things are going to get worse (starting today no doubt) before they get better, but I am confident that ultimately the turmoil will subside and we will have our lives back." Now that your friends have been voted out of office, we can have ours back too.

Like all federal inmates, Abramoff will have a prison job. Unlike his previous work, which involved chartering jets for exotic excursions and making huge campaign donations, he will make between 12 and 40 cents an hour. New inmates typically start in lower-paying food service jobs and move up to more desirable jobs. Hopefully he will not get special privileges.

He joins Adam Taff of Kansas another greedy Republican in Federal Prison. Both deserving of their fate.

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