Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Time of My Life: Dallas Here I Come

Gentle Readers, Greetings! I arrived back from the weekend in Dallas and am still recovering. I had a fabulous time in many ways. The concert was an incredible experience, I am glad I went and spent the time learning the material. The Myerson Symphony Center is a wonderful venue.

I learned a ton from the Turtle Creek Chorale's director, Tim Seelig. He is highly dynamic, communicative and inpirational, far from what we have here. I'll tell more about his rehearsals and direction. I am still amazed.

This was like being invited to play at Carnegie Hall. Dallas' Turtle Creek Chorale is the premiere Gay Men's chorus in the world. Sorry Seattle and San Fransisco, there is no better. Emmy award documentary, Billboard Classical CD top ten seller, Grammy award nominations... they are fabulous. And welcoming and friendly. They thanked us for coming, we thanked them greatly for letting us come. I was greeted far better than anyone in my own chorus, we have a lot to learn.

I wish I could have taken my fair readers with me. You would have loved it.

Note to that I have been messing with the blog!

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