Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yuk Time

Remember this from grade school; "What are signs of fall?", the teacher would ask, giving the class a homework assignment to either bring in or describe a sign of the season. The teacher hoping against hope to grab our attention for a few minutes at least.

Walking out back of the Towers this AM reminded me of that assignment, for Fall is here, damn it.

I am not a fall person, although I know many who are. To me fall is messy. All the dang leaves and acorns from the huge oak in the yard of the house I grew up in took every Sat and Sun AM to clean up. We never got them all. The skies turn gray; the rains make the leaves and the accumulated flotsam and jetsam all slick and muddy. Everything begins to look shabby as the plants cease to bloom and start to wither. Yuk time.

It was cool this AM as I let Puggles out back. The wind whipped around the building making me shiver in my t-shirt, I had graduated to sweat pants as well, shorts becoming a thing of the past. A cool front had come through, it had rained and everything was damp. The geraniums are looking ragged, the hibiscus leaves curl and the blooms withhold their glory in protest. I noticed the trees on 38th beginning to turn brown and yellow. A dark red leaf was stuck to the cushion of one of the chairs.

Winter will arrive soon. At least the snow covers the gloom occasionally. I wouldn't mind the fall or the winter if they were not so messy.

Yuk time indeed.

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