Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Pancake Musings

It's that time again.....

1)Cooler weather has descended on Metro KC for the forseeable future. It got to 80 yesterday, but the humidity was low and the breese strong. The rest of the week is a lot cooler and today woke up to a cool light rain. Long pants have been pulled from their hiding place, sandals are at the back of the shoe row in my closet. The hum of the AC is missing from my ears. I am wondering where to put all the hibiscus plants for the winter and it is almost time to place the order for the holiday wreaths and poinsettias. The Heartland Men's Chorus has started rehearsing for our Holiday concert. Snow will be here soon. Some love the fall, I hate it. I am a spring person myself.

2)Maestro Stern returned for a whirlwind visit on his way somewhere. I got to see the baby pictures, Miss Hannon is cute. There was one pic of daddy holding her, the look on his face priceless. Can't wait to see her.

3)Check out the Philadelphia Orchestra for a limited time free download of a recent performance of Beethoven's Symphony # 5 with Christoph Eschenbach conducting. Downloads of other pieces are available for a small charge. This is the future folks.... and as usual I am behind, I do not have an ipod and fear if I did it would get lost, they are so small.

4)The KC Gay and Lesbian Film festival is on this weekend. I think Michael and I are going to see "The Saint of 9/11". The story of the gay priest who was the NY Fire Department Chaplain who was killed in the attack. The rest of the films look pretty boring.

5) The pancakes were good this AM. For doing her a favor, Kellee upstairs gave me a bowl of fruit and some flowers, so I had fresh strawberries along with Aunt Jemima.

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