Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday Pancake Musings

More musings over Saturday Pancakes:

1)Pluto has suffered the ultimate humiliation. Not only has it's status been demoted, like a man entering prison it now has a number instead of a name: 134340.

Pluto, you will always be a planet in my heart, even if you did mess up astrology and Holst's orchestral suite "The Planets". Astrologists must be gleeful in their "I told you so" attitude as well. Welcome to the yard 134340.

2)Today in 1977 "La Divna" Maria Callas died at 53 of a heart attack. For years, Callas was romantically linked with Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis; their stormy affair being the stuff of legends. The relationship ended when Onassis left Callas for Jacqueline Kennedy. Heartbroken and her once glorious but controversial voice a shambles, Callas quietly spent her last years in Paris. Fans adored her dramatic acting ability and her imposing stage presence yet acknowledged her voice was not as well trained or sublimely beautiful as Tebaldi, Scotto, or Sutherland. She is, however, revered above all as the Voice of the Century.

3)From the sublime to the totally gross, I saw the worst movie I ever suffered through. Michael wanted to see "Another Gay Movie" so we did. Gross, pointless, stupid.... if I had a ride home, I would have left after a few minutes. Don't even bother.

4)In an attempt to go Microsoft Free, I am having the Linux operating system installed on my computer this PM. Simple, cheap and stable... kind of how I like things...

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