Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Musings

1) Both HM and I have been feeling the effects of the coming change of the seasons. I have had a sinus infection for the last 4 days, yesterday being the worst. Today I feel a little better but still have the cough and sore throat. At least I am not sneezing and feel like death warmed over..that was Fri and Sat.

HM has been battling the dreaded fleas for the last few weeks. All the sprays, shampoos and the Frontline solution have appeared. So far it is fleas 2 Pug 1 but she has the upperhand at half time and a win is predicted.

2) I read that Alabama will start marking all state ID for sex offenders with a big mark of some sort. Shades of the Scarlet Letter. I expect to see "Juden" and Pink Triangles next.

3) When are states going to make murderers and such that are released register? I'd rather know if my neighbor bumped off someone more than if he/she screwed someone.

5)I went to the KC Irish Fest today. It was pretty dull. Lots of carnival food and overpriced junk. The bands were pretty lame, especially the one Greg and I sat in on. More yapping and insulting the city than playing good Irish music. And not a corned beef and cabbage to be seen. WTF???

6) Happy Labor Day...summer is over now.

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