Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wide screen

When one has a bit of cash on hand, we just have to keep the economy going right?? So I now am the proud owner of a new 19in wide screen flat, LCD monitor for my newly upgraded Dell computer. Damn! I can see everything, so can all my neighbors. Bright as a supernova, it lights the surrounding darkness, I need not use a lamp. I felt now that Mr Dell here has a new hard drive and memory, I needed a big bright screen to view the web in style. It may take a bit to get used to and some time to tweak the colors and the sharpness to how I like it. My eyeglasses have now become useless as I do not need them to see the screen. Pics are big, and I can see the whole show with out scrolling over and back.

Technology comes late to me, I do not embrace it immediately. I wait to the price comes down. I am keeping the old faithful cathode ray tube monitor around in case I feel that this thing is just too much of a leap into the future.

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