Sunday, August 06, 2006

Idiots Rule

I was not going to post tonight, but when I read this article, I had to comment. More than 50% of the US population believe the lies of Bush, Rush, and the rest of the Coup leaders and accept the fantasy that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. These are of course the same intellgunt desine (sic) supporters and those who feel that keeping gays and lesbians from marrying will protect children and that marriage is for those who pro-create. Then are marriages of those who can't have kids, or beyond menopause, sterile or just plain do not want to raise a family illegal?

Note one of the biggest reasons for this amazing fact; US citizens get their news from the biased info-tainment shows on FOX and on talk radio. If Rush, or one of the FOX idiots (I refuse to watch them so I do not even know their names) says it is true, and Bush says it is true in his own fantasy war game world fought with real people (shades of the Roman Gladiators), the the gullible US population will accept it, hook line and sinker.

This country continues to slide into a hell of its own making. Sad.....

Half of US believes Iraq had WMD

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