Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Airfare Roulette and a Cartoon

I don't understand airline fares. I am wanting to go to Nicaragua over Thanksgiving. Well, my friend Greg got a fare going the same time on Delta for $921. So. off to the computer to see what I could get. I checked the same flights and it was $971. That pissed me off having to pay more for the same damn flight. So I looked into other fares, found cheaper on American but would not be able to get to San Juan del Sur on Fri, would have to overnight in Managua, thus adding cost. What to do?

Well this AM, Delta had a $887 fare, but when I sat down to book it, it was gone... now is $907. So.... do I wait to see if it goes up or down? Like playing the stock market.

Just for a bit of humor, I am sharing this:

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