Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th Redux

This was my July 4 post last year. See how little had changed. My 2006 comments are in bold:

I am not in a patriotic mood this year. I am not pleased and proud of this country anymore, and see it getting worse. Therefore, the desire to sing the Star Spangled Banner (jibberish set to an impossible tune) was nil, as was the urge to see sparkly, noisy fireworks. I just hope the USA gets a grip on reality and sees the danger of Bush and his villains, coup leaders all. Or this will be the last 4th of July.(Well, maybe next one will be the last, Bush hangs on and I am sure is plotting to get his base of support out to keep his buddies in power. Democrats remain spineless and are becoming irrelvant. The war drags on and everyone hates Bush, we just don't seem to have the guts to get rid of him.)

Just look around you and you can easily see the complacency that has blanketed the USA likea pea soup fog. I pat myself on the back for using that metaphor as it is so accurate. As in a pea soup fog, we can't see much past our noses. Our mantra... it is all about ME!, stupid. If we are not personally affected, or our beloved home in the suburbs, our investments or our new Lexus are not in danger then who cares. In Cupcake Land the big worry is if mom can get Jimmy to soccer on time. Honey,wake up!! If you don't start caring what is happening around you, soccer will the least thing about which you worry. (Well, not much changed here, unfortunately.)

Our rights are eroding around us. Our Government has assumed an unprescedented arrogance, listening no more to those whose views differ, and indeed silencing all opposition. The moves to change the programming on NPR such as naming a former Republican Party chair to be the Chair of NPR, cancelling funding, railing about lesbian rabbits or whatever, is chilling beyond belief. The USA I used to know would never stand for this, yet this was page 15 news. NPR is too liberal, but hypocritically we ignore FOX and the pablum on the radio... that is ok, they are daring to speak the truth. I do not believe a thing I read anymore. (NPR survived again, but for how long?? FOX continues to spout every sound bite the Repubs' spin doctors think up. People believe them and quote their lies and innuendo. Pathetic.)

As I try to write this the emotions are pouring..the injustice, hypocracy, arrogance and greed are overwhelming. That is what they want.. to overwhelm us. They silently sneak in like the guerilla and plant the devastating grenade right in our beds. It is too late, we are powerless.

Complain?? TO WHO??? The spineless Democrats just wring their hands. Defeated, they are superfluous, irrelevant. Disagree with the majority... too bad, we don't have a "Government by the People, of the People for the People, we have a government of fuck the people, what does The Fuhrer want us to believe today?? Pant pant pant...throw me a bone...Arf ARF! Wagging their tails at the master... doing tricks and parroting his words to keep him happy. (Nothing new here either, see my bitching about spineless Dems above.)

As for passing the day, I did get invited to the Rockhill Tennis Club for July 4th BBQ by Scott Lindsay and of course Marcia and Will. It was totally underwhelming. The food was ok, and of course Lindsay complained the whole time. I got some shopping in at Wally World (shhhhhh officially I hate them) but hey, needed some stuff. Talked to Greg, I think he wanted me to go to the lesbians swimming, but I had the club invite first. Eve was swimming in my pool and laundry WOO HOO! (I am in rut, expect for the Wally World visit and the fact that Scott was in a good mood and we had more along than just Marcia and Will, the above was the duplicate of my day today.... I need to get out more! Almost went to the swim party but I was tired after the long AM and rich food.)

HAPPY 4TH! At least have yourself a treat. You could be somewhere worse.

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