Sunday, July 30, 2006

Harry Potter Gets Naked

It seems the fantasies of millions of pubescent girls, a fair number of boys and more than a few perverted adults will come true in London in the spring. Daniel Radcliffe, the star of the Harry Potter films will play the Alan Strang character in a stage version of Peter Saffer’s “Equus”. For those of you familiar with modern theater, “Equus” is a play that features animal mutilation, horse inspired arousal and full-frontal nudity. The theatre blogs and sites are all abuzz.

"Equus" is a disturbing drama (its premise is how a well-ordered society deals with a sex driven violent act) and the main talk is if he can make it work since the role will certainly make huge acting demands on Radcliffe. He has never acted on stage, let alone with his willy on display.

Those who know me know I am definitely no prude. I have seen many plays with nudity (including “Equus”) and just basically think society makes too much fuss over sex and the human body. But come on, admit it. The producers, directors, writers, etc. include the nude scenes to rake it in at the box office. It is not art so much as it is cynical marketing. The sexiest or most harrowing scenes are the ones that are suggested (look no farther than the famous shower murder scene in “Psycho”, more thrilling and scary than any bloody gross out scene in modern horror films)rather than in your face.

I am jealous I did not think casting Harry Potter in a nude part. I bet the phones are ringing off the wall at the ticket office (supposedly the play opens next spring) and dollar (or more to the point, pound sterling)signs are in everyone’s eyes. Along with Radcliffe’s dick. What a stroke of genius. There are probably 10,000 better qualified actors to do the part, but with the prospect of seeing Harry with out his robes has set the theatre world on its ear and millions will be made.

I just am laughing my tail off. And no, it will not be on stage.

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