Monday, June 05, 2006

Life is a Whirly-gig

I am on the whirly-gig again.

1)This week is production week for the Heartland Men's Chorus Summer production, A Homecoming. Long evenings, stress, does the tux fit, where and when I am supposed to be somewhere, music memorized, the damn movements on "Razzle Dazzle" memorized on and on and on. But the applause and comments of the crowd is worth it in the end. So look for more sporadic than usual blog entries this week.

2)I made a quick trip to Illinois this weekend to attend the funeral of my ex-mother in law Eloise Gooden. She was, to put it mildly, quite a trip. Sadly, this energetic and kind (in her own way) lady spent years in a nursing home with brain damage, dementia and then alzheimer's. RIP Eloise.

3)Looks like we are going to have some work done here at the Towers this week. Our front walk is finally being repaired. I am sure that will set someone off.

4)There has been a wonderful program on the History Channel on the untold story of the space race. I missed the last half as I was heading home tonight. I am anxiously awaiting the VCR to turn on to tell me if I have successfully programed it to capture the repeat. Cross your fingers. Whoops not right, try again.. It is recording static. This is a new machine and I have never used it. The directions are confusing. I guess I'll give up and watch it.....guess I'll be up late.

5)When I get on the whirly-gig, I usually forget or otherwise mess something up... so stay tuned for the fun!

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