Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tressa Gets Her Reward

I am lazy today, and yesterday too. Did not want to expend the energy bitching about something thus no post for Wednesday. I did, however, find out a sure fire way of getting your blog noticed, post cute pictures of a pug. Puggles' pics and story on Tues accounted for a dramatic rise in the number of hits for the blog.

Playbill Arts has an update on the Tressa Waggoner story. She is receiving an honor from Opera America for her efforts to expand the closed, stupid minds of Bennett, CO. You can read it here:

Opera America to Honor Teacher Fired for Playing Faust

I guess it has a somewhat happy ending after all. See my blog on Feb 3 and March 19th for more on this absolutely stupid affair.

All for now.... sorry no dog pics today.

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