Saturday, May 06, 2006

Our Useless Police "Farce"

Warning, this is an anti-police, anti-establishment rant and I use naughty words. If you are pro any of that, then read and learn but most of all, please honor my right to my opinion ~ Thank you, PATO

Police are for the most part useless and in my mind dangerous. We have a whole cadre of uneducated, bigoted and paranoid people on police force of many cities. Some who are not fans of police (is that mildly stated enough?) contend that police recruiting tends to attract a certain element. Those who like to be in control through intimidation (we used to call them “bullies”) are prime candidates for many police forces. That certainly has been my experience. The cynicism and total disregard for citizens boggles the mind. They are lazy too. It is much easier to ticket some little old lady and get some $ for the city than close a drug house.

Perfect example: I used to live in St Louis. My old brown Mercaliner was parked on the street and sadly had frequent bouts of not wanting to run. So she would sit and collect parking tickets. Meanwhile, the drug traffic from the house across the street continued unabated. Hundreds of 911 calls came in, nothing could be done. We felt like we were the guilty parties by disturbing the police and making them stop writing tickets for wrong turns and actually protect our property. The look on the police officer’s face was priceless when I tore up the tickets in front of him at a Neighborhood Association meeting and told him when the drug house was closed down for good, I’d pay the tickets. They remain unpaid.

Sadly, next door was a police officer. One of the most disturbed and angry people I had ever met. He was black and hated all white people I am told. He used to be friendly to everyone and just one day, he told everyone they were racist jerks and built a high privacy fence around his house. His wife was as big a jerk as he was. I said HI once right after I moved in and she just glared at me. If the tables had been turned, I would have been branded a racist. So here was this angry man with a gun who hated people. He scared the shit out of me. I found out he was behind my car getting ticketed so I took pics of his car parked in front of the fire hydrant. Two can play the game.

Last fall I was on the way to Savannah, MO to visit a client when I rounded a top of a hill on I-29 just north of St Joseph, MO. As I crested the hill, I was confronted with cars at almost a full stop as there were State Troopers in the right lane. I slammed on the brakes and fish tailed the Queen Mary. No one was hurt, no damage. They of course took exception to that and pulled me over for 30 minutes asking stupid shit, like “what’s happening in Kansas City?” Why you have Illinois temporary tags on the car?” I heard one of them say “he is agitated, he is hiding something” FUCK YOU COP! I just avoided a certain crash. A less skilled driver would have panicked and hit someone. I knew how to control the car and steered it out of the fishtail. Large, heavy rear wheel drive cars tend to do that. “I am so sorry officer, next time I’ll use x-ray vision to see through a hill to keep from hitting you as you stand in the middle of the road. Ever hear of flares or signal that you are in the road?" Stupid fucks. I said little as I knew I had some real winners here. They harassed me a bit, made themselves look like big men and let me go. I should have filed a report.. but as the site POLICE ABUSE.ORG shows, that is dangerous to citizens in its own right.

What prompted this rant is a conversation I had with my new and soon to be former neighbor Jeff last night. Jeff bought the house across the street that had been abandoned, bought, foreclosed and everything else in the past few years. A young, easy-going and friendly type, he had started to fix it up. But he was broken into 5 times in a 3 week time. The police refused to even investigate… they can’t be bothered. When he complained, he was told by the KCMO Central District officer “move” or “get a dog”. So he is moving, disillusioned with Kansas City, disgusted with the police who patrol during the day but are scarce as hen’s teeth at night. The druggies and the drunks just piss and litter and damage and break in all they want. I called the police on Thursday night over a large mumber of loiterers and activity with cars stopping. "Can you see any crime happening?" the dispatch asked. "Sorry ma'am, I am not right there in the middle of it so I can't hear or see. But it is 10PM and there are 5-7 men who do not live on this street, as I saw them walk over from Main just hanging at the corner, cars driving and stopping. They are pissing in the open lot, they are drinking and we would like this to stop. I am not asking them to be hauled in, I just want a patrol to come by." I am not sure if they ever did.

We have to FUCKING BEG the Kansas City PD to check out a problem. It is totally our fault. We live here, we just have to put up with it and get dogs or move. Maybe we should all move and abandon the city. As long as there is a donut shop, the police will be happy.

I strongly urge you to keep track of Police Abuse. Org and financially support it when you can.

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Anonymous said...

I lived on 36th and Central KC MO.
I watched a guy break into my neighbors car and spend almost 2 hours trying to hotwire it. Now we both called the cops within seconds of him breaking into the car. He was screaming and beating the dash with each failed attempt and looked dangerous. We didn't leave our homes or try to stop him. It took the cops two hours to respond. In hind sight I should've just shot him and left his dead fucking body in the street.
A few weeks later a cleaning crew that was "cleaning the otherside of my duplex decided to do a little stealing on my side. I happened to pull up as they drove off. Took down their company name (on the side of their truck) and called police. 8 months later I got a call back to file a report and pick them out of a line up.
THANKS...that was a waste being that I didn't see their faces.
I moved to California, parked my car on the street behind a flatbed truck. when I returned to my car the truck was gone and my car had been flattened. I called 911/local police station and reported it. Nothing was done. My friend spotted the truck parked in the same spot the next weekend so I reported a hit and run about that truck and called the company number on the side. I drove to the police station and the dept. on duty accused me of hitting him and driving off. She torn up my report and told me to leave.
I don't call the police anymore nor will I ever have any respect for them. In times of need I only rely on myself. I'm passive and respect everyone except cops. I now root for the bad guys when I watch COPS on tv and I flash my light to alert drivers of speed traps. I can't remember one good interaction I've ever had with a cop and it wouldn't take much to change my mind. THEY JUST FAIL with everything they do.