Monday, May 22, 2006


Added to my duties here at the Towers is the title of official Bat Catcher. Lois on 2S called me this AM. She was on her cell phone while standing outside my door. She had found a bat in the apartment. "Would you catch it?? But don't kill it". I happen to find bats fascinating and rather cute little creatures but, like Lois, do not want to live with them. I keep a respectful distance as many unfortunately carry disease and rabies.

So off to trap the offending creature with my Bat Hunter Gear... my winter gloves, a plastic garbage sack and the pool net.

It was easy to find Igor; he was in the sink under the strainer. He just sat there, making little bat sounds. They were a series of strange "eeeeeeeks" followed by clicks and more "eeeeks". I assume it was his bat radar. He was quite small and furry brown-black.

Igor was not happy to be in the sink. I am surmising that Igor was the same bat that Marcia in 3S claimed had invaded her space but was never actually seen. It is possible that Igor came down through a vent or a plumbing pipe.

Being in the sink, Igor was not trappable by the net. "Do you have a bowl?" I asked Lois. She looked around and only had an expensive china bowl handy. She took the basket from her coffee maker and said "would this do?" It would have to do, so I covered Igor with the basket and gently scooped him up the side of the sink and into the bag. Igor was not amused and vocally displayed his annoyance. "Quiet boy" I whispered and took him out via the back stairs and deposited him in the garden behind the ivy. He crawled under a bush and disappeared. I looked for him a while later and he was gone to wherever bats hide in the day.

One successful bat-ectomy performed and added to my resume.

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