Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Losing Minds in Kansas

Living close (but not in thank you, even though the word "Kansas" is in the name of my city, I live in the Missouri side) to the state of Kansas, I get a bird's eye view of all the silliness that has emerged from The Sunflower State. It almost seems that the right wing boobies have invaded the place and are bent on making it a world unto its own. Most of it comes from the crazy people they elect to office. You know, maybe those are not turnpike toll booths outside of Topeka, but mind warping devices. The most egregious perpetrators are the stupefyingly bizarre State School Board and the Out of Control Attorney General Phil Kline. Here are just a few of the recent tricks these nuts have been up to:

Kansas was thoroughly humiliated in the great "intelligent design" debate and the same school board continues to stick their nose in everything but how well students are learning.

They drug the administration of the Blue Valley School district into one of their conclaves to demand why they want students to read any book outside the Bible and "Why George Bush is Next to God". Some parents in Johnson County (aka Cupcake Land, where the Blue Valley School district lies) objected to some books and the School Board actually had the balls to tell them to go away.

Board member John Bacon said parents who have challenged books in Blue Valley tell him they were ignored. He said he plans to continue pressing the local district to drop the books. "I don'’t believe it's going to go away any time soon", he threatened. So taxpayer $ will be spent on his vendetta...and Johnny still can't read, or spell. Have you noticed how horrible spelling is these days??

Blue Valley Superintendent Tom Trigg said literature that ignores challenging issues and paints only a flattering view of history, race and culture would fail the students. "I don't think that'’s the kind of world we live in (and) I don't think that's why writers write," he said according to the KC Star. The KS School Board thinks they know better.


Last month board member Kathy Martin of Clay Center decided that sex education in Kansas focus on abstinence and the flaws of contraceptives, the dangers of sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy. Forget the fact that (GASP!) kids are going to have sex because the "Intelligent Designer" made it so humans mature sexually faster than they mature rationally. Try telling a horny 17 yr old to cool it because the KS School Board said so.

Then Martin said it would be up to local school districts to decide the specifics, as long as they stress that abstinence is the best way to avoid the negative consequences of teen sex.

Those who came to protest this silly proposal told the board they already talk about abstinence and the dangers of teen sex. Just like the redundant "Marriage Protection" Constitutional amendments are over kill, so is this proposal.

"At this point I a’m highly confused," said one board member. Think how the students must feel.

Then we have Mr. Kline, who must be so sexualy frustrated that he can only focus on sex and "sex crimes". The case of Matthew Limon, a mentally retarded young man of 15 he wanted to prosecute (and is still after, he wants to brand him a sex offender) for a blow job (the kid has a low IQ and was in a group home for God's sake)until he finally lost in the KS Supreme Court. He still wants abortion records so he can look into possible charges of rape. Good God man, go get some and quit sticking your fat face in the bedrooms of your fellow citizens. Especially kids having sex. Sounds like a pedophile to me.

Kansas' tourism motto is "Kansas, as Big as it Looks" (a whole laugh unto itself).. "Kansas, as Bigoted as it Looks" is an alternative.

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