Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tressa Waggoner: The Latest

Blogspot provides a site meter that logs visits to my blog, allows you to track visitors by ISP address and how the person found your blog. Besides those just browsing through Blogspot, the second most common entry to my blog has been through a Google search for "Tressa Waggoner", the Colorado music teacher threatened by the ignorant buffoons Bennett, Colorado.

To refresh, Waggoner was placed on administrative leave after she showed a video clip of Faust to her students. Waggoner showed a 30+ year old video clip of the opera, narrated by Joan Sutherland and performed by singing sock puppets. Ironically the video is called "Who is Afraid of Opera?" She had hoped to educate first, second, and third graders in one of her classes about opera, and chose Faust to teach the children about bass and tenor voices and "trouser roles" in opera.

This led to accusations that she was a lesbian promoting homosexuality, despite her being married and a mother of two children. Faust's plot (the title character sells his soul to the devil to recapture his youth) led to her being labeled a Satanist. She has been on paid administrative leave since January 30. The local paper reported that Waggoner would not be allowed to return to her post in the school. The school Superintendent, obviously under the influence of the Nazi element in town, told Waggoner that she would remain on paid administrative leave, but added that it would be "too much of a disruption" to parents and students if she returned. Wisely, she plans to leave Bennett.

According to Waggoner, 53 people at a school board meeting in February supported her return while 6 opposed it. These 6 have obviously bullied the town before. Like those of similar ilk, even when they lose, they will stop at nothing to ruin the person they fear.

Waggoner is not alone in her disgust with this little hell-hole on earth. According to the Rocky Mountain News, Bennett mayor Karen Grossiant resigned in February, saying Waggoner's removal was the "last straw." She told the paper that Bennett, population 2,500, "has a mean-spirited undertone."

I have stronger words: ignorant, frightening Nazis, the type of people who would turn in their neighbor if it suited their purposes. All while hiding under the cloak of religion. The poor kids of this community are scarred forever by their paranoid, mentally unstable parents. Avoid this place at all costs!

Good luck Tressa. And to anyone from Bennett who should read this, I feel sorry for you.

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