Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It is Official

It's official...the USA is fucked up:


No wonder US students don't learn and academically fall behind most of the world. We worry about harassment more than if they learn anything. Good God, I did that when I was 6, as did we all. No wonder the US prisons are full of sex offenders; anymore any sex or talk is an offense. If I were a parent, I would be afraid to talk to my kids about sex. What if they said something to the neighbor kid and he/she said something to his/her parents. And they decided it was wrong and called the cops or Family Service.

We are sexaphobic, thanks to the over influence of Religion and a long Puritan tradition. I do not see much hope for same sex marriage and gay/lesbian rights here as long as sex in general is such an issue.

Someone once said:

"In the great emigration from England in the 1600's, the US got the religious puritans and Australia got the convicts. I think Australia got the better end of the deal"

I have to agree!

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