Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Head Gear

I have quite a collection of ball caps, I noted this morning as I hung them behind the door. 2 red ones, 1 blue and white, 1 red and white, 2 University of Illinois caps, 1 leather one, 1 "Pelican Eyes" from Nicaragua, and 1 "Heartland Men's Chorus" cap. A couple of years ago I had none. Only the advent of my hair loss have I covered my head with a cap. It is a part of my uniform now, I go nowhere with out one, except when wearing dress clothes and at church. I feel odd then, as if I have my pants unzipped or my shirt wrong side out and everyone notices but me. Hair loss is one of the hazards of being male, creating jealousy towards those whose genes allow them to keep it.

In my younger, more vulnerable days (thanks for that wonderful phrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Great Gatsby") I used to say I'd shoot myself if I lost my hair. This was said when I had a tangled mess of darker, thicker hair. So instead of shooting myself, I collect ball caps. A lot less messy. It does create a moments hesitation in the morning as I have to coordinate another color, which one to choose? Which fits my mood? Which one do I not care if it gets a bit dirty? Sigh.....more decisions to make. And what of dressy occasions? Are fedoras back in style? Could you even find one??

For the record, the red and white one is the choice today, gives a splash of color to my dark gray sweats and lighter gray t-shirt..

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