Thursday, January 12, 2006

Speaking of Annoying

I read with glee that in a St Louis Post Dispatch poll, 67% of those polled had a negative reaction to Mattie "Never Made a Mistake" Blunt's (aka Boy-Gov) State of the State message. 28% outright thought it horrible, 27% ignored it, 12% expected better. Even without the 27% ignore, 32% had favorable (including a non committal "it was ok")while 40% rejected it. Only 16% outright loved it. Must have been his family... Branch, his infant son (what a name....) probably went "goo goo da da" or was that the GOP Legislators??

Blunt gleefully increased spending on Prisons (like Walgreens, one on every corner)and State Workers, but left intact his steep cuts that hurt the poor. Democrats said the governor was handing out goodies to various programs but had failed to make up for the deep cuts.

Rep. Rachel Storch, D-St. Louis, compared Blunt's approach to "using a bulldozer to take down a forest, then taking credit for planting a few trees." That's our boy.... God help us...

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