Sunday, January 22, 2006

Royal Interview

Transcript of Puggles' interview with Larry King. She rarely grants such insights into her Royal World!

Larry King (LK): HM, good to see you as always, may I say you are looking wonderful.
Puggles, QOP, SRA, ETC (HM): snorrrrt THANKS WARRYS I's been exercisings and watchings what I eatss!
LK: HM, Are you going to be appearing at the Krewe of Barkus parade in St Louis this year?
HM: Nos Mys schedules does nots allows it. I Orders ALL PUGS in St Woois to go to the Parades. It is funs...
LK: Pugtona will be your next Royal Appearance?
HM: YES PUGTONA!!!! YAY!! thats in Junes. I Loves PUGTONA! ALL Pugs should gos to Pugtona. I will arrives on Fridays and be there the WHOLE PARTY! Last years, my schedules did not let me stay the wholes times.
LK: You recently took on a new title "patroness of the Royal Pugharmonic Orchestra", tell us about that, Your Majesty.
HM: I WUV musics and in the Palace we has a MAESTRO, a real one who conducts an orchestra, the Kansas City Symphony. He is MR Stern and I likes him. So, wif WPUG radio (All Pug...All The Time) I created for him his owns orchestra to plays for me at the Palace and for all PUGS to hear on WPUG. He plays Pugtoven, I likes that.
LK: An orchestra for pugs, how wonderful!
HM: We needeeds one for a longs time! Theres a lot of snorts in it...
LK: HM, one of your most demand roles is being Supreme Ruler of Alaska, what has been accomplished recently during your reign?
HM: I stoppded the Governments from getting oils in the Arctics because I hears that it hurts mooseses. I WIKES moosesses and Squirrleses too. So I saids NO and they didn'ts dos that. My ROYAL Command Stopped that.
LK:And for this year?
HM: All PUGS in Alaskas will now gets the Moneys from the state likes peoples do from the oils. Mary Jos will likes that.
LK: Some people are concerned that as Supreme Ruler of Alaska that you have never been there and that you moved the Capitol of Alaska to Kansas City.
LK: sorry, HM to upset you, we'll take a break.

Part 2 of HM's interview:

LK: We're back. HM, what is a typical day like for you at Puggingham Palace?
HM: Warry, it is fabuwous. I gets up and gets breakfasts promptlys at 7AM. Thens I goes and inspects the Royal Garden, you can sees Pictures of the ROYAL GARDEN in the PugVillage Gallery in my ROYAL Gallery. Thens I comes in and assert my thrones! When my daddy leaves, I then tends to the business of my ROYAL domains.. I weads faxes and emails and the ROYAL dispatches from my ambassadors. I thens checks out all the newses at PUGVILLAGE and at the Palace. Then I naps untils lunch. I usually listens to WPUG (All Pug... All the Time). Somestimes in the evenings I goes to the swimming pools and watches the waters, I don't likes to swims much.
LK: You enjoy PugVillage, HM?
HM:Yes it is the bests! I Loves Mothers PUG and Dante and of course we all worship Millie the Goddess and Prince Chancellor and Princess Ellie and ALL PUGS!
LK: Mardi Gras is approaching, I hear it is one of your favorite holidays.. but you had a problem with beads.
HM: I wefusess to bring up that whole embarassings things. I accidentally eated the beads. They hads to comes out sometimes you know..
LK:HM, Greenies or Bully Sticks?
LK: Vegemite or Marmite?
HM: Is not goings to gets involveds in thats, QUEENS do nots lower our ROYAL selves to gets involves in arguments.
LK: Any plans for this evening or future travel your majesty?
HM: Afters this I am going in the LIMO to Targets. Tomorrows Is going to COLUMBIA to sees my Royal Subjects there and a privates dinners with Maria and Daniel. Theys my humans sister and brother, its MARIAs birfday!
LK: Happy Birthday Maria, and thank you HM for your time this afternoon:
HM: snoorrrrrrt

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