Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Representative Democracy??

Our friends at Wikipedia define representative democracy as follows:

Representative democracy is a form of democracy and theory of civics in which voters choose (in free, secret, multi-party elections) representatives to act in their interests, but not as their proxiesƒ; i.e., not necessarily according to their voters' wishes, but with enough authority to exercise initiative in the face of changing circumstances. (Emphasis added)

Yesterday I received an email from HRC asking me to write my senators to oppose the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. I have a strong feeling that I 100% disagree with Mr. Alito on many things, as it is clear Bush has chosen his nominees based on loyalty and ideology rather than qualifications. Thus Harriet Meiers. So I complied with their wishes.

But in a representative democracy they can vote and do what they want, "not necessarily according to their voters' wishes." It was, in my case a waste of time. Senators Talent and Bond do as they and their leaders wish and not what the voters wish. Thus we remain in Iraq, despite a large #, and some polls a large majority of voters (58% CBS) expressing their desire to withdraw. That is why polls suggest unease with plans over "reform" of social security, show less than 40% of Missouri citizens think Boy-Gov is doing a good job, but he says in an interview he has never made a mistake, unease over legislation to ban gay rights and marriage despite considerable support and growing support for backing away from the death penalty.

Thus we have Politicians lapping at the trough of lobbyists, screwing their constituents for a little cash or influence. Jack Abramoff is more powerful than "We The People". No wonder Bush survives, and Roy and Mattie Blunt, and Sheriff Arpaio in Phoenix.

Less than 1/2 the US citizens registered to vote even bother to vote. I am sure a large number don't even bother to register. I disagree but totally understand. Like writing our senators, it is becoming an exercise in futility.

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